Get DISH Network for just $24.99/mo* PLUS

FREE DISH Platinum, BLOCKBUSTER® and Pick Your Premium (HBO, CINEMAX or STARZ) *

Why would you pay more for DISH Network when you can get for $24.99 per month plus number of entertaining channels from Go4DishNetwork? Go4DishNetwork is a world class leader in satellite TV programming. Since our inception we have worked hard to constitute a happy family of 14 million happy dish customers by providing highest quality DISH Network and premium channels at rock-bottom prices. Go4DishNetwork gives its customers the access to most of international channels and HD channels in U.S. With its state-of-art interactive TV applications and award winning DVR and HD technology, Go4DishNetwork has been successful in creating a huge customer base.

Today, satellite TV deals have become immensely popular and there are variety programming and equipment options available in the market. No matter what your preferences are, a satellite TV has everything to offer. From number of entertaining channels to HD channels, a dish network has everything for all age groups.

Go4DishNetwork is the dish TV provider that your family needs in order to stay entertained. Today TV is not just furniture but a source of entertainment for the whole family. In digital age, it brings families together that otherwise are too busy for a family union. There is no doubt that television has provided endless entertainment to us. We get to watch our favorite programs right from the comforts of our living rooms. It brings to us programs for all age group and keeps us glued to our sofas.

As human wants are unlimited, therefore the satellite TV shoppers always look for something different in their TV providers. This is the reason why has massive number of channels that can appeal to each and every member of your family. Go4dishnetwork has great promotional offers and has made entertainment more affordable than ever before! Added to all these Go4dishnetwork has the best technology available anywhere. It gives you the best possible experience of television viewing at your homes.

The services from Go4DishNetwork start out with high quality digital technology that only satellite TV can provide. The fact is that this company uses satellite TV technology which makes it possible to deliver great TV anywhere in America. Basically to install a DISH Network all you need is a patch of sky, DISH TV equipments, a TV and source of electricity so that you can take the full advantage of the great entertainment resources that we have to offer.

Get DISH Network For Just $24.99/mo *

1. 120 Digital Channels with 105 HD Channels.

2. Free Standard Professional Installation in up to 6 rooms *

3. FREE HD for Life * (Offer requires Agreement and AutoPay with Paperless Billing).

* With Agreement

Added to all these get

1. Free DVR upgrade * ($6.00/mo DVR service fee applies with Agreement)

2. DISH Platinum - Free for First 3 Months *

* With Agreement, require AutoPay with Paperless Billing


  • *12-month offer and Free HD require Agreement and AutoPay with Paperless Billing.
  • *Free DISH Platinum - Free for First 3 Months.
  • *$10/mo HD add-on fee waived for life of current account; requires Agreement, AutoPay with Paperless Billing
  • *Qualifying customers may choose the premium movie package (HBO®, Cinemax®, or Starz®) they want to receive for three months at no additional charge! The current monthly price of HBO is $16/mo. and the currently monthly price of Cinemax and Starz is $13/mo. per package.Should a customer choose HBO along with one or both of the other choices, the qualifying customer will receive three monthly billing statement credits for the HBO package only.Please note that the “Pick Your Premium Free for 3 Months” customer offer does NOT include SHOWTIME®.
  • *Note that DISH Platinum will be removed from the customer’s account after the completion of the 3-month offer period.The customer needs to take action to add the programming back to the account.
  • *BLOCKBUSTER offer valid for BLOCKBUSTER By Mail "1 Disc" plan; requires activation of new qualifying DISH Network service by 8/10/11 and an online DISH Network account. At end of 3 months you will be charged then-current price unless you cancel BLOCKBUSTER By Mail service. This offer is not available in Puerto Rico or the US Virgin Islands.


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